For organic or non-GMO poultry and livestock producers this is an opportunity to help Colorado Organic Feed Co. access the demand for a certified feed mill in eastern Colorado.  Plans for the mill have begun with organic and non-GMO grain producers, forming a company to build the mill in the Ault, Colorado area.  At present there is no certified custom mill in Colorado with the ability to provide custom rations to poultry and livestock producers in the state.  We believe this need could be met , and it would also provide a market for locally grown organic and non-GMO grain.  Most of this grain is currently being shipped from the area to out-of-state markets.

Contact us with your for a feed mill in Colorado and if you are a poultry or livestock producer.  It would be extremely helpful, for this project, to receive your estimate for current and projected yearly tons of feed.  We fully understand one of your questions will be the cost of the feed.  We believe with the use of local grain there will be less shipping costs and will provide good value to producers and customers.  The advantage of producing poultry and livestock from grain producers from local producers can make a great marketing plan for the end products to consumers.  These factors pulling together have the opportunity to make costs work for everyone.

Thank you for helping develop a certified feed mill in Colorado.  I would welcome a call.

Earl B. Wright, 785-466-1771